Monday, May 01, 2006

Almost in VICE Magazine

Johnny Ryan was kind enough to get a hold of me to do a full page comic for the comic issue of VICE. He was the guest editor for the issue. I did a brand new Monkeyboy, one page story, but at the last second it was cut from the issue( no fault of Johnny's). I think it might be posted on the VICE website though. Johnny also added Monkeyboy on the cover. If you look closely, you'll see his head popping out from under the logo and some of his pants sticking out over the top. It would have been cool to be a part of it... could have been printed along side Robert Crumb...It's still really cool Monkeyboy made it on the cover. If he looked down he might be able to see up Blecky Yuckerella's skirt.

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hoppock said...

sorry brent. that sucks.