Sunday, April 19, 2009

Personal Sketch Card SALE!!!

As of now, I am no longer drawing personal sketch cards. My sketch cards were $70.00. Thanks!
This is what the printed card backs look like.

Here are a some I did recently.

Here are some GPK related sketches

Star wars

Indiana Jones

DC comics


chantthis said...

Just a thought may want to let folks know where to send inquiries - link to email? - maybe it is under my nose but I don't see it - not an uncommon occurrence. I will look around b/c I had an image (well two) come in clearly that you are the perfect artist for - I do believe. Thanks.

Bruz said...

I've sent 3 emails over the past couple years regarding buying a personalized card, but have received no response. If you're no longer offering these, you should remove this from your site.