Wednesday, May 30, 2007

baking hall of fame

I painted a bunch of portraits of people recently inducted into the baking hall of fame. It's really not my typical kind of work, but they were actually quite entertaining to work on. These were printed in a magazine and the originals are hung in the Baking Hall of Fame.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Hollywood Zombies website is up and runnin'

First of all, Topps had me draw the legend of the hollywood zombies. Jay Lynch wrote it. He's one of the best underground comic artists of all time (he pretty much started them) and an all around nice guy. I just took each paragraph and did a little illustration for it. To see it in action click here and go to the legend of the zombies tombstone.
These are the panels I did for the legend of the hollywood Zombies. They also animated one of my zombies throughout the website, so look out for him.

These are some zombies I drew for the Monster Mash up part of the website. Click hereand then click on the zombie mash-up tombstone, to go and mix up some zombie body parts. It's pretty fun! I also drew the drawings for the 10 glow in the dark bonus cards. Those should be awesome printed. I can't wait to try them out! I've always thought glow in the dark ink was neat and it will be the first time something I've drawn will be printed with it.

Finally, here's a self portrait I did for the bio section of the website.

I drew all of these by hand with ink and brush and then I colored them in Photoshop. I painted one card for the set and came up with a ton of concepts. Once the set is released, I'll post all the concepts and my painting, until then go check out the Hollywood Zombies website. It has crazy sound effects, some funny animation and just a lot of cool stuff!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kickin It Old Skool GPK

This is a GPK painting of Jamie Kennedy I painted for the premier of the movie, Kickin It Old Skool. It was handed out with other 80's related items.

This is the sketch Dave Gross did, He's one of the greatest Wacky Package and GPK atists of all time. I didn't have to change much. Pretty much the only thing I changed was the Coke can and replaced it with an Adam Bomb gpk. I ended up painting it over night. I also had to make the logos. Even though I had a really tight deadline, It was really cool to work on.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This is another page I did for MADKIDS magazine. It stars Billy Blevins and it shows another blueprint for one of his inventions. Originally I was going to have each page be about inventions to be used in the classroom, but I ended up changing it. Now the possibilities are endless. It's on newstands now...Go check it out!