Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some recent sketch cards

Here are some recent sketch cards I drew for people. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, write me at They are $40.00 apiece. I'll draw anything you want!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recent commissioned portrait

Finished painting. Acrylic paint and airbrush

color rough

pencil drawing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some recent personal sketch cards

Here are some recent sketch cards. First are a couple people who wanted me to draw them as zombies. If you want yourself drawn as a zombie or anything, just email me at
Personal hand drawn sketch cards are $40.00

Here are a couple GPk inspired sketches.

And finally Italian comic book character, Dylan Dog

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Empire Strikes Back widevision 3D sketch cards

I tried something a little different on these sketch cards. I decided to sort of make a comic book version of Empire Strikes Back in sketch card form. I tried to add all my favorite quotes and scenes. Let me know what you think! The actual printed card set will be in 3D, I can't wait to see them! Click here to go to the official Topps website.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Wacky Packages Postcards series 5

This is the final painting of "Speed Lick" for the set. It was used as a bonus card and is traditional trading card size. Click here to buy a set. They are only $6.95!

Here's the rough sketch. My wife Tracy Engstrom thought of the name "Speed Lick". She's very good at Wacky Package concepts and slogans!

This is the final painting for "Taco Bill" it is printed postcard size.

This is my sketch of "Taco Bill"

Mark Parisi thought of the "Taco Bill" concept. Here is Mark Parisi's original concept drawing for "Taco Bill"

These are the sketch cards I drew for the set.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback "Where are They Now" Cards

To go to the official Topps website, click here

The "Where Are They Now Cards" were really fun to work on. Basically they took original GPK characters from the first few sets and show what they are up 25 years later.
Above is my final artwork for Tee-vee Stevie.
This is what the final printed card looks like.

and here's the final sketch. We had some issues getting everything on the card. knowing the banner and name bar would take up a lot of the space, I had to zoom out and make it horizontal instead of vertical.

My original pencil sketch I drew from Mark Pingatore's sketch below.

Mark Pingatore thought of the concept for this card. Here's his original concept sketch.

The second one I painted took a little longer working out the concept. This is what we ended up with. It shows Boozin' Bruce on a reality TV show similar to Celebrity Rehab, called "GPK Rehab".

Here's what the printed card looks like

My first concept shows him falling off the wagon. Literally.

My second concept shows him having a tea party with his little Hallucinations from the original card. I really wanted to tie them into the concept, but in the end it didn't happen.

Jeff Zapata thought of the concept of him being in celebrity rehab.

Here I just added some cameras and lights and stuff. I placed the spot light in the same corner as the lamp post in the original card.

Here's my third and final painting I did for the set. It's Nasty Nick. Instead of biting Barbie like on the original card, he's trying to bite a new Twilight Barbie and his dentures are falling out.

Here's the printed card

And here's the pencil rough

Here's all of the sketch cards I drew for the GPK Flashback set! In stores now! Here's a link to the official website. I'll be posting my return 10 soon!
I drew a different character on each card. It's been fun going through all the card sets and drawing my favorite kids. I drew most of them in the middle of a move, so there was a period where I had to draw them wherever I could get internet access, since I was using Barren Aaron's GPK website as reference. Thanks a lot Aaron for having such an in depth site! So I ended up drawing them in restaurants, bars, friend's houses, Wherever there was internet access and a table to draw on.
I drew 250 of them for this set plus 10 return cards. I'll be fully painting those. I haven't drawn my returns yet, so if anyone has a character they'd like, let me know! I'll be selling them!
Steve Potter posted a 10 question interview with me on his blog.
click here to to read the interview