Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A killing machine

This is a drawing I did for a battle going on over at Sam Hiti's blog. All you have to do is draw a combatant and they will be entered into a battle. People will vote on the winner.
I drew this using a crow quill (102) pen. I've never really been able to use them, so I thought I'd practice on this drawing. Everytime I've tried to use them in the past...I would splatter ink everywhere and I just couldn't get the ink to flow properly. It just sort of clicked this time and it went pretty smoothly. I'm not completely satisfied with how it turned out, but I don't hate it. Oh, and I used photoshop to slap some color on it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Garbage Pail Kids series 6 paintings

I got a box of ANS6 Garbage Pail kids in the mail today. It was a blast opening packs. This series has a stick of gum in each pack. Just like when we were little kids! Here's the actual cards that I worked on.

They used one of my paintings for one of the puzzle backs. I used to love these as a kid. You could really look at the fine details and see all kinds of stuff you didn't notice on the little cards. I'm pretty sure I never completed a full puzzle as a kid. The sets would come out too fast and I never had enough time or money to complete them. Anyway, here's mine.

I submitted a bunch of concepts, but they only chose a handful of concepts. Here's one of my concepts that was approved, but John Cebollero painted it.

Here's the rough sketch of the tattoo card that I sent Topps. It was supposed to be blood spewing all over the tattoo artist, but they changes it to puke in the final painting.

Here are the Garbage Pail kid paintings I did for the all new series 6. I got to paint my own concepts this time, so it was a lot of fun
Here's the first one.

This is my first try at this painting. Her face turned out kind of weird, so I re-painted it and I pretty much touched up the whole painting. anyway here's an early version of the same painting.

This is the color rough and original pencil sketch for the painting above.

Here's the second one.
I was sitting in my living room trying to think of ideas for the GPK's, I looked over at my coatrack and I thought of this guy.

Originally, I had the guy's coat and hat the same color as the kid's pants, but I changed it in the final painting. Here's the first attemp at this painting.

Here's the color rough and the original sketch. As you can see, I had to remove the blood from the original. I also took the guys face out.

Here's the third one.
I get a lot of ideas while I'm just about to fall asleep or while I'm in the shower. I thought of this guy while showering.

Sometimes the painting changes quite a bit from the original sketch. I ended up painting the GPK much larger on the finished painting. Here's the original color rough and concept sketch.

I zoomed in on the main character and this sketch looks more like the finished painting.

Forth one.
I used to let the canned dogfood slowly slide out of the can when I fed my childhood dog. It made a great sound!

Here's the rough sketch. Originally the dog was more cartoony and was about to barf. I can't seem to find the color rough.

Fifth one.
I'm a big fan of Wrestling and fighting in general, as long as I'm not caught in the middle of it. so I thought of this kid. It was pretty hard to make the kid's face the shape of a fist and keep the GPK look, but I was pretty happy with the final painting.

At first I couldn't quite get the stretched face skin right. I'm not sure I completely pulled it off, but Here's a slightly earlier version, before I added the details in the face skin, spit, teeth and some other small details.

Here's the color rough and the original pencil sketch.

Sixth and final painting for the set.
I originally had him squeezing his insides out onto a hotdog, but someone at Topps thought it was gross to put ketchup on a hotdog. I changed it to a hamburger. I ended up liking the composition better with the burger, so it all worked out.

Here's some sketches and the color rough. I ended up making the logo look like the Hines ketchup logo on the final painting. I put a little brain on the logo instead of the tomato.