Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Aqua Brown

I found an old class picture from when I was in the first grade and I decided to write a story about one of the girls in my class. It stars Monkeyboy, but it's all true. In the first panel I added a bunch of classmates I fondly remember. The kid standing right behind Monkeyboy was my best friend and still is one of my best friends. One of the girls was named Vanilla and always smelled like pee. The first girl in the panel had a fear of public places and only came to school every once in awhile. I anly drew half of her. Someday I might write a bunch of short stories staring all these crazy kids.
My friend Dan Valentine printed this story on his fathers old time printing press. Thanks Dan!! I really like that old look!

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Jason Debauche said...

Hahaha, oh dear god. And Brokeback Mountain was considered a controversial love story.