Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Covered Blog

This is for Robert Goodin's "Covered" blog. Different artist re-draw old comic covers in their own style. I chose an old Shazam comic I've had for awhile. The original cover was drawn by Bob Oksner...I thought it was C. C. Beck and inked by Pete Costanza, but they did the interior art. This was quit fun to work on. I pretty much pencil, inked, and colored it straight through without stopping.
Here they are both side by side

Here's a larger version of mine.

Here's my original inked drawing.


Andrew Wales said...

This is awesome! I wish DC would hire you to do the Shazam book every month!

Nice work throughout the whole blog!

Brent Engstrom said...

Thanks! I wish DC would hire me to draw the monthly Shazam comic!

Swellzombie said...

Awesome. I'm glad that you recreated everything. Looks great.