Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michael Lee Ford

I got this amazing sculpture in the mail today! It's from a great artist named Michael Lee ford. He makes them out of mulched paper. To read more about him go here
He has a new book out that showcases a lot of his drawings. Here's a description of the book.
"THE ISOLATED ART OF MICHAEL LEE FORD Is a fascinating look at the world through the mind’s eye of a man serving 35 years in a Texas prison for a 1989 robbery. Confined to his cell 23 hours a day, he creates art to avoid madness. Featured in the 1999 documentary OUTSIDE THE LINES by Blue Rhino Pictures, and profiled in such magazines as Juxtapoz, Tattoo Savage, Flash, In The Wind, and many others, he even participated in The Living Dead Doll Art Show. Now, for the first time, his drawing have been collected and presented to the public. Peer into his mind…if you dare!

To buy his book click here
I love his work!


chantthis said...

Amazing. . . All the differing ways we deal with madness or, rather, existence - brilliant. How did you run across him?

Anonymous said...

Really amazing. I just got the book and his art is wonderful. You can study it for hours and still not see all the detail. Amazing.