Monday, September 10, 2007

Time lapse beard video

Here's a video I made. I just took a picture of myself everyday for 5 months and then a friend of mine looped it together and ran it forwards and backwards. It repeats a few times and he added some music. The quality is pretty poor, but the original video looks a lot better. I shaved my head and face completely bald and didn't trim or cut my hair.
I posted it on youtube. A few months went by, then got an e-mail from a guy, who wanted to use it in a Chevy commercial. They were going to send me contracts and stuff, but the client out at the last minute and used another guy's beard video...Yeah, there's quite a few people who have made beard growing videos. This all happened a couple weeks ago, then I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards tonight and I saw the commercial that was supposed to be mine...It kind of sucked. I never thought it would amount to anything other than a weird thing I made and in the end, it didn't...