Monday, July 23, 2007

GPK Sketch Cards

Here are a few GPK personal sketch cards I recently did for someone. For details on your own personal sketches, scroll down.


Zoop said...

Those look fantastic. Be sure to post a link to your blog at the GPKUG.

Nar said...

Brent. These are gorgeous! Im a HUGE Garbage Pail Kids fan and you really captured the classic look with these sketch cards. I love you and will begin stalking you once i regain some energy from all the nonsense work Ive been doing lately. lol ...jk about the stalking. But hey man. Give em hell!
Have you seen the movie yet? I love it! Its cheese but I love it. Or the never aired cartoon series. Those are to die for. hahaha. Keep rockin brother. I have much respect for you. GPK FTW!


Brent Engstrom said...

Thanks Zoop!.

Nar, Thanks for all the kind words. I've never watched any of the cartoons...I've seen some clips on Youtube though. I do find the movie quite entertaining. Your Marvel Masterpiece sketches look great and I look forward to the stalking.