Thursday, June 21, 2007

Personal sketch cards

I just got my personal sketch cards today. This is the back of the card. The front is blank and I will draw anything you want. Just send me an e-mail here, and let me know what you want. Remember, I'll draw anything...monkeyboy, GPKs, super heroes, you, zombies. You name it, I'll draw it. Each color sketch card is $65.00. I accept paypal.

Here's a sketch of the Hulk that I recently did. I'll be posting more soon.

Here's one of Captain America.

A catwoman.
A Wonder Woman.

A zombie Arwen from LOTR

ans a Zombie Frodo


Zoop said...

That beard is EPIC, man. \m/

SaraK said...

I'd like a card with cats and books on it because I really like both of them.