Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hollywood Zombies

Above is a promotion card and poster for the new Hollywood Zombies trading card set from Topps!

This is the front and back of the new Hollywood Zombies promo card. It's a new set coming out from Topps in May, and it was being handed out at the New York comic con to promote the set. I didn't paint any of the pictured cards, but I did come up with a couple of the concepts. I've actually been doing a lot of concept work for this set and I've painted one. I'll post it once it's released. I'm really excited about it. Click here to read more about the set.


Freckled Derelict said...

Holy Crap, these look awesome!
I can't wait until they are unleashed on the public!

Brent Engstrom said...

I can't wait either!

Promotional Cards said...

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