Thursday, August 17, 2006


10eastern is a website I draw on whenever I get bored and I don't have anything better to do. There are some really good artists that draw all the time, so it never gets boring! To see a bunch of drawings ( Warning! Some may not be sutable for anyone) I've done over the last year or two, click Poopmustache.
Some newspaper just did an article about the site and mentioned my screen name. To read the article, click here


Jason Debauche said...

You do pretty good with it. I've tried doing a few of those online drawing things (not that particular one though) I find them too difficult to get anything to look very good due to their limitations though. Kinda feels like trying to draw with the default Windows Paint program and most aren't even that advanced.

For some reason it strikes me funny seeing a newspaper print Poopmustache in the middle of a relatively serious article, so you get even better praise for that :p

Brent Engstrom said...

I thought the same thing when I saw poopmustache printed in that newspaper article.
I like drawing with The limitations you mentioned. You should draw something on there.
It's good to know atleast one person checks my blog once in awhile and it's good to hear from ya.

Jason Debauche said...

I swing by here and GoldenGoat in my daily rounds usually. Only reason I don't usually comment is because I can't ever remember my login and password here for some reason. But I've read every single blog post :p

Your one with Julie Pastrana made me run a google search where I found this guy who blogs only about Freak Show people and I wound up spending a few hours reading all his posts too - he didn't seem to have Lobster Boy listed and I was kinda disappointed about that. :/