Monday, June 05, 2006

GPK Heads!

Here are a few Garbage Pail Kid heads I painted, just to practice painting. I used acrilic paint on paper. A couple are characters from the All New Series 5. The one with the hand popping out of his head was originally painted by Luis Diaz and the girl with one eyeball was originally painted by John pound, two of the best GPK artists. I just hope to come close to being as good as them someday! I was just trying to re-paint them using a similar style, because the ones I painted for this series looked a little off. The bald kid is just a generic kid...I'll definatally have to practice more. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a new set to come out and hopefully I'll be able to paint some more! Check back for updates.

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Wayne said...

It is very difficult to paint the GPK style correctly. I recommend following John Pound's most recent examples rather than any of the other GPK artists' artwork. John really knows how to grab you in with vibrant colors, great detail, texture, and highlight and shadow.

Your reproductions of the GPK characters are headed in the right direction. Try to brighten up your color palette and vary your highlights and shadows even more... this is what makes John Pound's artwork pop out at you. Also, practice doing the look and texture of various substances... glass, leather, hair, liquids, etc. The GPK All-New Series 5 characters 8a/b, 12a/b, and 25a/b are some good examples for you to study.

Keep up the great work.