Monday, April 03, 2006

Garbage Pail Kids ANS5

I feel like a kid waiting for christmas to see the new Garbage Pail Kids card set! As far as I know it will be released April 10th. I painted three of the new cards. I can't wait to see them with the logo across the top and the names across the bottom. Plus I can't wait to see all the new characters. I've been a fan sinse I was a little kid and it's a dream come true to actually work on them.


hoppock said...

this is so cool. I'll be buying them April 10th. I wonder where they'll be carried.

Brent Engstrom said...

I think you should be able to pick them up at Wal-mart or K-mart in the card section. A bunch of other places will carry them, but Wal-mart would probably be the easiest place to get them.

Scottie the Body said...

YES! heh-heh. I used to have like a thousand of them things probably. *flashes back to childhood* Unfortunately, someone stole them, and I never found out who. God, that sucked. :(