Saturday, January 28, 2006

Michael Lee Ford

This is a gag comic I recieved through the mail today from a great artist named Michael Lee Ford! He makes sculptures out of mulched paper. You'll have to go to his website for more details and to look at his art. I sent him a Monkeyboy comic over a year ago and he finally sent me a one page hand-written letter and this cool comic. His sculptures have been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine. I think they're really neat.


Ray Dillon said...

Yep. That's a perfectly normal acquaintance you have there. :oP

Playtimecapsule said...

Love the work of Michael Lee Ford!
Did you know he published a book with author Mike Drake?
Its called THE ISOLATED ART OF MICHAEL LEE FORD and is available at Amazon and Target as well as at

Also, he has a website

Cool beans!

Anonymous said...

I have known Mike for 35 years. We have 4 children together. He recently got released from prison after serving 21 years. We are still really good friends. Just want everyone to know he is a great artist and has many talents. His sculptures are amazing. Look him up and check it all out. you will be amazed at what you see. Another thing is he is also a very good man. Just made a bad choice a long time ago!! comment by Teresa L.Cashion one person that knows Mike very well!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually shared a jail cell recently with Mike.. He is a very nice guy and I go to see some of his sculptures first hand and he is very talented! Glad I got a chance to meet him, just wish it was under better circumstances!