Monday, March 01, 2010

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback "Where are They Now" Cards

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The "Where Are They Now Cards" were really fun to work on. Basically they took original GPK characters from the first few sets and show what they are up 25 years later.
Above is my final artwork for Tee-vee Stevie.
This is what the final printed card looks like.

and here's the final sketch. We had some issues getting everything on the card. knowing the banner and name bar would take up a lot of the space, I had to zoom out and make it horizontal instead of vertical.

My original pencil sketch I drew from Mark Pingatore's sketch below.

Mark Pingatore thought of the concept for this card. Here's his original concept sketch.

The second one I painted took a little longer working out the concept. This is what we ended up with. It shows Boozin' Bruce on a reality TV show similar to Celebrity Rehab, called "GPK Rehab".

Here's what the printed card looks like

My first concept shows him falling off the wagon. Literally.

My second concept shows him having a tea party with his little Hallucinations from the original card. I really wanted to tie them into the concept, but in the end it didn't happen.

Jeff Zapata thought of the concept of him being in celebrity rehab.

Here I just added some cameras and lights and stuff. I placed the spot light in the same corner as the lamp post in the original card.

Here's my third and final painting I did for the set. It's Nasty Nick. Instead of biting Barbie like on the original card, he's trying to bite a new Twilight Barbie and his dentures are falling out.

Here's the printed card

And here's the pencil rough

Here's all of the sketch cards I drew for the GPK Flashback set! In stores now! Here's a link to the official website. I'll be posting my return 10 soon!
I drew a different character on each card. It's been fun going through all the card sets and drawing my favorite kids. I drew most of them in the middle of a move, so there was a period where I had to draw them wherever I could get internet access, since I was using Barren Aaron's GPK website as reference. Thanks a lot Aaron for having such an in depth site! So I ended up drawing them in restaurants, bars, friend's houses, Wherever there was internet access and a table to draw on.
I drew 250 of them for this set plus 10 return cards. I'll be fully painting those. I haven't drawn my returns yet, so if anyone has a character they'd like, let me know! I'll be selling them!
Steve Potter posted a 10 question interview with me on his blog.
click here to to read the interview


James said...

Great Concept and great execution! I really like the WATN cards. Though I will say the checkered border and all the logos kind muddle up the final piece. Gizmo gets cropped out as does the VHS tape fire (very funny)

nicodemus said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing the pics of your's fun to see the changes the card goes through before it becomes 'final'.

Steve Potter said...

I've been waiting to see this since I saw the final card image. I really wanted to take a look at it as a whole. I like the "My Pet Monster" arm hanging out of the bag. Being named "Steve" I always felt like I had a connection to the old TeeVee Stevie card. I think a lot of us had affections to the cards with our names on them. Great job. Now post the other ones!!

Ping said...

I really like your first two Boozin' Bruce concepts Brent. Wish they had gone with one of those. I had suggested one similar to the tea party, but the bunny was his therapist.

80stoyshop said...

just had the new flashback packs arrive, they are so cool, i want to open every pack and keep them for myself!!

6huskers said...

They are all amazing Brent, can't believe something like that comes natural to anyone. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Can i ask about the Gpk card thats a freddy krueger choppin off another gpk's head with his razor fingers ? Can i ask what this card came out of ? and whats it called? and is there anyway to buy it?

Illustr8r77 said...

Wow, These are fantastic! The one I found looked like it was an after thought. Beautiful work Brent!