Sunday, December 30, 2007

Garbage Pail Kids ans7

Garbage Pail Kids ANS7 have hit shelves! Buy some today!
I've been posting new sketch cards under this post if anyone is interested.

This is from a Mark Pingatore concept. I was always a fan of the Bozo show growing up. I watched it every morning before school. I made his outfit sort of like Bozo's. I based his face make-up on "Captain Spalding" from "House of a Thousand Corpses" and "Devil's Rejects". I added a few things that weren't on Mark's original concept. I added the little dog vomiting, The monkey eating the vomit, and the clown with the vomit on his face in the background. This one was used as one of the Bonus cards, so you can only find it in certain boxes. I found this one in a Target bonus box.
I originally painted this one for ANS6, but it got rejected. I touched up the painting for this set. I like how it turned out. If anyone is interested in seeing the original, let me know...It was a little scary.

About the only thing I had to change from the original concept was his left hand. At first I had it stuck in the juicer, but they wanted both hands showing, so I made it holding the straw. I think the idea of a GPK drinking himself is pretty funny!

This one changed a little from the original sketch. I had a mean expression on his face, but they thought it would be better to have a goofy face. I made his tongue sticking out, so I made an arrow going through it and pinning it to his chest. This one was used as one of the puzzle backs and was also used on the box

I originally submitted this concept for ANS6. but I ended up painting it for ANS7. I liked the idea of someone dying and their ghost floating out of their body, but puking at the same time and it coming out of their ghost's mouth. I added the hamburger to show the cause of death. He choked on it.

In the original sketch the blow dryer kid was less blow dryer-like. It made it kind of confusing to just have a kid blowing fire out of his mouth, so I changed his body to a blow dryer. I've always been a fan of gaps between teeth, so I put a gap in the woman's two front teeth. In the end it was cropped from the final card.

This was painted from a Dave Gross concept. His original sketch is below.

This one pretty much stayed the same from sketch to final painting. I made one of his fingers on his right hand smashed and I put red Play-Doh coming out of his left arm like blood.

For the final painting I took out the Zs coming off the kid. I think just by having his eyes closed, it's obvious he's asleep. I like the idea of falling asleep in class and drooling on your desk and in the process, drowning your teacher and some of your classmates. I added the skull and crossbones on his back, because he's killing in his sleep.

Pretty much the only thing that changed from the sketch to the final painting was the addition of his diaper. I've always loved Jack Kirby comics. Silver Surfer is one of my favorite characters he created, so I was really glad this made it into the set. It was used as one of the puzzle backs as well.

Mark Pingatore thought of this concept and he drew the original concept at the bottom. They wanted me to change Jepetto's heart to his brain. I think Mark's first concept had it this way in the first place. I added Jiminy Cricket. I've always really liked the Disney Pinnocchio movie, so this one was a lot of fun to work on. It's pretty gory too!

In the original sketch it was just a normal kid that got attacked by the dear, but I made him a hunter in the final painting. I ended up taking out the other animal heads on the wall in the background. I also added the kids hunting hat hanging on the antler. I thought it was a pretty funny touch. I also added the antler point sticking out of his right hand in the final painting

This one changed quite a bit from the original. It started out as a kid licking someone's armpit, but by the end it was more of a stick of deodorant. It took me awhile to get the face the shape I wanted and I like how it turned out. I designed him directly from a stick of Speed stick I had in my bathroom. I almost wrote "Spit Stick" on the kid, but my wife thought of "Speed Lick". It's much better I think.

This one was fun to paint. I liked trying to make his skin look like a basketball. I made his neck hole like the hole you air a basketball up with. I also made the gaps in his teeth run into the black seams on his face. Originally I was going to have it in an arena, but I decided to make him playing outside. The original sketch had other players, but I added trees in the end. I think it makes him seem like he's jumping higher.

This one didn't change much from the pencil sketch to the final painting. I painted the trees a little further in the background on the final. There have been similar characters in the past, but not one with their eyeballs braided. I thought it was a pretty neat visual and I'm glad it got into the set.

This is a concept I submitted for a previous set, but I reworked it for ans7. his huge tongue flopped out kind of reminded me of the wolf from an old Tex Avery cartoon, so I made the kid looking at a woman as she walks bye. He's so into staring at her leg he doesn't even realize he's drooling on his own eyeball. I ended up taking the gum and cigarette laying on the sidewalk out of the final painting. I also changed the design on the GPK's shoes. The guy's back shoe has a "GPK" logo instead of the "Converse star". It got covered up by the GPK banner across the top of the card.

Dave Gross did the concept for this one. It was originally used for a promo for the movie Kickin' It Old Skool. (pictured below) I thought a kid break dancing and breaking his bones was a really cool idea for a GPK. I was sort of surprised it was never made in the 80's. Dave Gross' concepts are always brilliant and it's always fun to paint them. In Dave's original sketch, the adam Bomb GPK card was a can of Coke. Other than that I pretty much painted his drawing directly. I also got the chance to name some of the characters this time around. I thought of "Breakin' Brandon"( named after my twin brother). My wife thought of "Buster move".

Mark Pingatore came up with this concept. His concepts are always great! His pencil sketch is at the bottom. I thought the "G" instead of the Oreo "O" on top of the cookie was a nice touch. I had the pleasure of painting a couple more of his concepts as well. I'll post them soon.

This one I painted from a concept by GPK, Wacky Package, Hollywood Zombie artist, Fred Wheaton. I think it's a brilliant concept. I had a lot of fun using crazy colors and trying to give everything different textures. I was quite pleased with how this one turned out. I changed a couple things from the original sketch. I made the crab pinching the kid's finger and I added Fred's and my initials on the seashell in the lower right corner. The shell ended up getting cropped off the card. Topps also used this one as one of the puzzle backs. Fred's original sketch is at the bottom.

I'm very proud of this card. The character was used on the box and wrapper. it also appears on one of the puzzle backs. On the original sketch I had hearts floating around. I didn't end up putting them on the final painting. I also flipped the image so the girl's on the left and the boy's on the right. It was the first new painting I did for the set.


I originally had the Daily Puker written on a sign in the background. It says it on the newspaper if you look real close. There's also a portrait of my twin brother on it too, but it's real small. It was Zapata's idea to have him reading a review of Spider man 3 in the paper. I added Doc Oc at the last minute. He's robbing a bank while Web Head Ned is busy throwing up.

The guy getting barfed on is a self portrait. Instead of just writing "shaving cream" on the GPK's chest, I went the Wacky Package route. Barbasol to Barfasol.

It's funny this one turned into a parody of Michael Vick, because that wasn't my original intention. It makes it funnier though. The dog on the left is my childhood dog, a boxer named Tyson. It says Tyson on his dog tag, but it got cropped from the final card. The dog on the right is Jeff Zapata's pooch.

I originally painted Gill Grill for ans6, but he got rejected at the last second. Topps had me add sunglasses on him and they ended up adding a couple extra fingers as well for ans7.

It's rare that I here a news story and it makes me think of a GPK name, but when Britney shaved her head I thought of Britney Shears. I originally had her shirt say oops and she even had Britney's lipstick kiss tattoo on her wrist, but Topps didn't like it. It was one of the earlier paintings I did for the set and I didn't know we could show blood this time around, so that was added at the last second.

The Dung Beetle concept didn't really change much from original sketch. At first I had the dung beetles with more cartoony faces, but I decided to go with more realistic looking beetles. I've always thought Dung Beetles were interesting. I almost drew a beetle in it's larva stage popping out of the poop's eyeball, but that would probably been pretty confusing. He's also probably the closest thing to a Meat Wad parody (from ATHF) that will ever make it into a GPK set. I really enjoyed painting this one.