Thursday, June 21, 2007

Personal sketch cards

I just got my personal sketch cards today. This is the back of the card. The front is blank and I will draw anything you want. Just send me an e-mail here, and let me know what you want. Remember, I'll draw anything...monkeyboy, GPKs, super heroes, you, zombies. You name it, I'll draw it. Each color sketch card is $65.00. I accept paypal.

Here's a sketch of the Hulk that I recently did. I'll be posting more soon.

Here's one of Captain America.

A catwoman.
A Wonder Woman.

A zombie Arwen from LOTR

ans a Zombie Frodo

DC Universe Legacy sketch cards

This is the front and back of the promo card for the new DC legacy trading cards set. They used my Superman sketch on it and I drew 300 sketches that will be randomly inserted into packs. I'll post all my sketches as soon as the set is released.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hollywood Zombies !

I originally drew these comic panels for the Hollywood Zombies website, but they ended up using them on the front and back of the title card for the set.
I drew the ten glow in the dark mugshot cards in the set. When you shut the lights out, the actual crime the celebrity commited is revealed in glow in the dark ink.

This was the one card I painted for the set. I watch 24 all the time and it was the one concept I really wanted to paint.

These are the concept sketches for the above painted card. Some of them I got in the first shot, but others I had to make quite a few revisions. Originally I had Keifer Sutherland just fighting guys looking at his watch, but they didn't like it. My twin brother said I should strap a time bomb to his chest with 24 hours on it and they approved it.
At first I had Trump eating Rosie's brain, but they wanted it to be an Apprentice themed card, so I made him on his show , but I was having a hard time thinking of a parody of the word apprentice. I was racking my brain until my Fiancee said the Appendage! So that was all her idea. The amazing Drew Friedman painted the final card.

I first drew Owen Wilson driving the car from the movie Cars and he was in a Ratfink-like position. Vince Vaughn was just attacking people and crashing a wedding, but Topps wanted both of them on the same card, so I did that and the Ratfink zombie never saw the light of day. Bobby Chu painted the final card.

The only thing I had to change on this one was add more entestines and blood! John Cebellero painted the final card.

First they wanted a Shatner, West Wing concept then they wanted him at a Sci-fi convention. Fred Harper painted the final painting. I think it turned out great.

At first I just had Snoop popping out of a smoke filled coffin and the smoke was going to be pouring out of a bunch of open wounds all over his body, including his head. They thought I should add a car and some girls. Then they wanted a Cribs theme, so I made an EmTv Crypts concept and they liked it. Layron Dejarnette painted the final painting. I loved how all of his cards turned out.

At first I had a satellite sticking out of a crack in Howard Stern's head and Beetle Juice made a cameo. But they scratched that and wanted him sitting on a crashed Sirius satellite with a bunch of zombies worshiping him. Howard Stern actually mentioned this card on his show. I thought that was pretty cool. Drew Friedman painted the final painting.

At first I had a boxer punching a hole through a zombified Stallone, but they thought he should be winning so I had him punching through his opponent. They decided on the final sketch.

I was trying to think of a concept for Oprah and then my fiancee said "Oprah Skinfree" so I made her throwing skin at he audience instead of gifts, but they thought it would be better if she was throwing books, so that's what I did. Hermann Mejia painted the final painting. His paintings are awesome!

I drew Penn attacking some camera men. He's shoving a camera through a guy's eyeball out the back of his head while video taping it. Ed Wexler painted the final painting.

This is simply Beckham kicking Posh's head off like a soccer ball. Layron Painted it

I was going for a longest yard or Waterboy theme, but they wanted a Happy Gilmore concept, so this is what I did. Fred Harper painted the final painting

At first I had Ryan Seacrest attacking Simon on American Idol, but they already had a similar concept for Simon. They wanted a New years Time Square party theme. I made him dropping the ball on Dick Clark, but they wanted both of them on the ball scaring the crap out of the crowd. Hermann Mejia painted it

The original concept had Michael Jackson hanging baby "Blanket" over the balcony and his arms are breaking off and Blanket is falling. He's wearing his little mask and using his blanket as a parachute. I then changed it to Michael just throwing babys off the Empire State building. Hermann Mejia painted the Final painting

The Knoxville one didn't change much, they just wanted it a little more gory, so his legs are getting blasted off. Mike Kupka painted the final painting.

The first concept had a Seagull ripping Leo's head off and he was squirting blood all over Kate Winslet's face, but they had me change it to Leo ripping Kates head off. Ray Lago did an amazing job on the Final painting.

I only had to do one drawing of Lohan. She's drinking and driving Herbie over old ladies. Drew Friedman painted the final painting

I got this one in one shot too. It's Naomi Campbell killing her maid by throwing her cell phone at her head and then mopping up the blood and having the cops show up at the scene. Brian Kong did the final painting.

I went through a couple of Elf themed concepts for Will Ferrell, then they decided they wanted a Blades of Glory card, so I made him cutting Jerod Hess' head off. Richard Clark painted the final painting.

I originally had Jamie Foxx playing the piano with his eyeballs, but they didn't like that concept, so I just made him playing the piano next to a zombified Ray Charles. On the Final painting, Foxx is using Ray's arms to play the piano. It was painted by Stephen Gardner.

This one is Tom Hanks dressed as Forest Gump eating a box of chocolate covered body parts. The final painting was done by Ed Wexler.

This is Jack Nicolson breaking through the Laker's locker room door like in the Shining. Drew Friedman painted it.

At first I had Patrick Dempsey pulling his own heart out giving it to a nurse, but they had me go with the second sketch. Layron DeJarnette painted the final card.

This one is basically showing how short Danny Devito is. He's an ankle biting zombie. Luis Diaz painted the final card. I love his work. His GPKs are amazing too.

I was originally trying to do a Charlie's angels theme for Drew Berrymore, but they wanted a David Letterman parody. Drew Friedman did another amazing painting job on this card!

At first topps wanted a Dream girls concept for Eddy Murphy, but then they wanted to showcase his body of work. Layron DeJarnette painted it. He even added a couple more characters on the final.

At first I had Elijah Wood holding his own severed hand, holding the ring, while other LOTR characters looked on in horror, but then we had him busting into a pawn shop, pawning the ring. Layron painted the final painting.

On the Scarface one, I just had to add more gore on the final concept. Hermann Mejia painted the final card.

The basic concept stayed the same for the Jack Black one. I just had to add more dead musicians rocking in the last concept. Fred Harper painted the final painting.

At first i was just going for a straight Ghost Rider theme for Nick Cage, but then the guys at Topps wanted a Hamlet, to be or not to be, skull theme. Hermann Mejia painted the final piece.

This is the new video on the Hollywood Zombies website. They animated my drawing of Larry or Scary King and they also show the Trump concept I worked on. Don't forget my wife( yup, we got hitched) Tracy, thought of the Appendage. It's really cool to see my drawing animated. I'm going to go watch it again!

I also drew the concept sketch for the Paris Hellton, Hollywood Zombies, promo card for the San Diego Comic con this year. I wish I could go and pick one up, but I've got to paint stuff!

First of all, Topps had me draw the legend of the hollywood zombies. Jay Lynch wrote it. He's one of the best underground comic artists of all time (he pretty much started them) and an all around nice guy. I just took each paragraph and did a little illustration for it. To see it in action click here and go to the legend of the zombies tombstone.
These are the panels I did for the legend of the hollywood Zombies. They also animated one of my zombies throughout the website, so look out for him.

These are some zombies I drew for the Monster Mash up part of the website. Click hereand then click on the zombie mash-up tombstone, to go and mix up some zombie body parts. It's pretty fun! I also drew the drawings for the 10 glow in the dark bonus cards. Those should be awesome printed. I can't wait to try them out! I've always thought glow in the dark ink was neat and it will be the first time something I've drawn will be printed with it.

Finally, here's a self portrait I did for the bio section of the website.

I drew all of these by hand with ink and brush and then I colored them in Photoshop. I painted one card for the set and came up with a ton of concepts. Once the set is released, I'll post all the concepts and my painting, until then go check out the Hollywood Zombies website. It has crazy sound effects, some funny animation and just a lot of cool stuff!