Sunday, April 19, 2009

Personal Sketch Card SALE!!!

As of now, I am no longer drawing personal sketch cards. My sketch cards were $70.00. Thanks!
This is what the printed card backs look like.

Here are a some I did recently.

Here are some GPK related sketches

Star wars

Indiana Jones

DC comics


PilarRDT said...

Just a thought may want to let folks know where to send inquiries - link to email? - maybe it is under my nose but I don't see it - not an uncommon occurrence. I will look around b/c I had an image (well two) come in clearly that you are the perfect artist for - I do believe. Thanks.

Bruz said...

I've sent 3 emails over the past couple years regarding buying a personalized card, but have received no response. If you're no longer offering these, you should remove this from your site.

Unknown said...

The Svengoolie episode aired tonite, showed your Sven Ghoulie cardand he gave you a shout out as well. Very cool and though that you'd like to know.

Hope to meet you sometime at one fo the Cons.

Love the card, so very cool!!